Eartube Headset

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Eartube Headset Design

Transmit clearly and receive discreetly with the streamlined Two-Wire T-Series Headset.  Hear your radio clearly with the integrated T-Series Earpiece.  Transmit clearly the first time, every time with the noise-cancelling, palm microphone. Perfect for security, patrol, surveillance and more.


  • Premium Speaker
  • Noise-Cancelling Microphone
  • Gold Plated Connector
  • Accessories Included
  • One-Year Warranty
Available with a wide variety of radio connectors, compatible with hundreds of radios.



Eartube Headset Diagram

(1) Radio Connector (2) Heavy-Duty Strain Relief (3) Push-to-Talk (4) Microphone (5) Clothing Clip (6) Acoustic Tube Earpiece (7) Field-Replaceable Speaker Box (8) Clothing Clip (9) Flexible Acoustic-Tube (10) EarHugger Over-Ear Frame (11) Silicone Mushroom-Bud - Can Also Use Open-Ear Insert



Premium Speaker
One-Year Warranty
Premium Microphone
Push to Talk
Gold-Plated Connector
Accessory Kit
EarHugger™ Frame
High Quality Acoustic Tube
Rugged Materials
Quality Construction

Eartube Headset Parts and Accessories

Enhance your Eartube Headset and extend its useful life with quality parts and accessories from EarHugger Safety.