S-Series Earpiece

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S-Series Earpiece Design

Hear your radio clearly and privately with the comfortable S-Series earpiece. Top quality electronics deliver bright, clear sound.  The headphone style design ensures only you hear your radio.  The patented EarHugger™ frame holds your earpiece securely and comfortably in place.


  • Premium Speaker
  • Gold Plated Connector
  • Patented EarHugger™ Frame
  • Rugged Materials
  • One-Year Warranty
Available in long or short cord for connection to your speaker microphone or radio.  Plug sizes include 2.5mm, 3.5mm and several manufacturer-specific plugs.



S-Series Earpiece Diagram

(1) Durable Strain Relief (2) Audio Plug (3) Clothing Clip (4) EarHugger Over-Ear Frame (5) Speaker-Style Earbud (6) Silicone Cushion-Ring and Optional Foam Cushion Cover



Premium Speaker
Gold-Plated Connector
Air Cushion Ring
EarHugger™ Frame
Rugged Materials
Quality Construction
One-Year Warranty

S-Series Earpiece parts and Accessories

Enhance your S-Series Earpiece and extend its useful life with quality parts and accessories from EarHugger Safety.

Model Number: EH-P-1030

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