Ear-Bone Microphone

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Ear-Bone Microphone Design

Hear and transmit clearly in any situation with the Ear-Bone Microphone.  This tactical earpiece features a bone-conduction microphone and in-ear speaker for clear communication even at a whisper.  The soft, silicone earpiece works with most tactical gear.  It is ideal for military, tactical and SWAT teams.


  • Bone-conduction microphone
  • One-piece design combines transmit and receive
  • Works with helmets, gas masks and shrouds
  • Gold plated connection
  • One-year warranty
Available with a wide variety of radio connectors, compatible with hundreds of radios.



Ear-Bone Microphone Diagram

(1) Radio Connector (2) Heavy-Duty Strain Relief (3) Inline Push-to-Talk Button (4) Remote Push-to-Talk Jack (5) Heavy-Duty PTT Clothing Clip (6) Clothing Clip (7) EarHugger Over-Ear Frame (8) Bone-Conduction Microphone (9) In-Ear Speaker



One-Piece Design
Quality Construction
One-Year Warranty
Conduction Microphone
Premium Speaker
Push to Talk
Tactical Ready
EarHugger™ Frame
Matte-Black Finish
Gold-Plated Connector
Rugged Materials

Ear-Bone Microphone Parts and Accessories

Enhance your Ear-Bone Microphone and extend its useful life with quality parts and accessories from EarHugger Safety.